Funny Reactions to my Hijab in the Classroom


Most people imagine that wearing the hijab invites only snarky remarks and hostile stares. What they don't realise, is that even more frequently than that, are the hilarious questions and comments. 

As a teacher, being around the innocent minds and filter-less mouths of little ones all day, I've had my fair share of interesting comments that pop up from children trying to figure out why I look the way I do.

Here are three notable moments: 

Notable Moment #1: 

Child: Where are you from? You have a cool accent!

Me: Thanks. Well, I was born and raised in Australia. 

Child: Oooh. That's why you wear that! Because you're Australian. Right?


Notable Moment #2:

Me: Okay, guys! We're reading an awesome story today. Any ideas what it might be about?

Boy #1 (who's in my class for the first time): I didn't know you were a teacher. 

Me: Anyone?

Boy #1: Are you sure you're a teacher?

Boy #2: Oh! Is this story about pretending teachers?

Me: Come on now, focus. I'm a teacher. And nope, the story is not about - 

Boy #1: It's just I always thought you were an Emirates air hostess. You look just like them. 


Notable Moment #3:

School Administrator: Sweetie. Here's your new teacher. Her name is Ms Salma. 

Excitable Little Girl: Okay! Hello Ms Salma. 

Me: Hello! We're going to be outside today so make sure you bring your hat. It's very hot. 

Excitable Little Girl: Alright! I can bring a blanket too!

Me: Um no, just a hat will do. It's very sunny out today. 

Excitable Little Girl: But I want to bring a blanket. So I can wrap you up more. That's why you're wearing that thing on your head. You're so very cold, aren't you?