I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything Today, But I Have To


Today was one of those days. 

Those days where you just can't pull yourself together. Those days where you stay in your pajamas a little to long. Where you end up getting sucked into a YouTube watching vortex when you're supposed to be working. Where you can't quite point out what's wrong but simply don't feel like yourself. 

It happens to all of us.

Today, I woke up at a reasonable hour and had a healthy breakfast as I cracked open my notebook and listed everything I wanted to get done in the day. But I simply couldn't get my mind into gear. I moped around the house for hours, doing anything to avoid getting to work. I not only felt unproductive and aimless but also unexplainably sad and downright miserable. 

Finally, as I lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I decided this was enough, I was going to make a conscious decision to get myself out of this rut somehow, someway!

1.) Reconsider your setting. 

The first thing I realised was that I needed a change of scene. Some days, I seem to draw inspiration from every corner of my house and bask in it's coziness. Other days, even the blank wall is enough to distract me.


So I freshened up, packed up my laptop and headed out. Just getting out of my pajamas and looking somewhat presentable already started to change my mood. 

I knew I wouldn't feel good about myself if I didn't get some work done, so I headed for the library. I didn't just go to the closest one, but instead drove down to one of the more fancier libraries, that had comfortable study areas and a wide array of books. I let myself peruse the books for a while, soaking in the quiet sobriety, before I settled at a table and got to work. 

2.) Change the plan. 

Sometimes, though you have a task waiting, you need to put that aside and work on something that will give you steam, rather than zapping you of it. Initially, I had thought to work on curriculum planning for some new classes I was going to be teaching. But when I sat down to work, staring at the curriculum guide before me, I realised this was the last thing I felt like doing today. I felt zero motivation for the task, and knew it would take a lot of effort to squeeze even the tiniest of creative juices from me.

Instead, I thought to myself, what is something I can do that I'll enjoy and make me feel good about myself? Something I feel even the slightest motivation for? So I opened up my blog, started writing, and here we are. 

3.) Do something relaxing - but still productive.


During these kinds of days, you need take it a easy on yourself. Accept that it may be an off day, but that doesn't mean it needs to be a useless one. Give yourself a break, but rather than mindlessly procrastinating, do something you will enjoy. Allow yourself to feel like you've achieved something today, however small.

Though sitting in front of the TV, surrounded by chocolate sounds pretty relaxing, I know I only ever feel worse after that. Instead, get creative, explore a new hobby or get in touch with an old one. During these times, I tend to get comfy with a novel, do some baking or work on an art piece. Anything you can enjoy without having to feel guilty. Give yourself some credit and celebrate the small wins.