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5 Mindful Exercises to Get Out of a Funk and Harness Your Ultimate Potential

We all need a little pick me up sometimes. Our self-esteem can plummet with a single word, we run out of inspiration, we tire ourselves out or get lost in the whirlwind that is life. The important thing, however, is that when life throws you down a pit, you have a harness, some rope and the courage to see the sunshine again! Here are five exercises to help you pick yourself up again and unleash potential within!

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The Secret to Unleashing Your Creative Genius

Creativity. We don't always know how it manifests in us, though deep down, it's a romantic notion that we all like to think applies to us. Most of the time the thought of actually doing anything creative can be so overwhelming that it feels content to just think about it.

The truth is YOU have immense creative potential. Your creativity can not only uncover your deepest strengths, but also help you find fulfilment everyday.

The question then arises; how do you unlock your creativity?

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