When We Assume The Worst of The Other Side


At my university, Australia: 

'You're going to live in America?'

'Yep, that's the plan.'

'Wow. That's awesome. It is a bit different though, isn't it?

'Well, I guess - '

'I mean, I heard the people can be a little self-absorbed - and then there are those gun laws. I hope you'll be okay.'


At a dinner party, USA:

'You have a cool accent. British?'

'Australian actually. I was born and raised in Melbourne.'

'Australia! Wow. The Down Under, huh? Want some shrimp on the barbie?'

'Haha, um actually we don't even say that - '

'Hey. How did it work out for you there. I mean, seems like there are so many rednecks. You must have had it bad with the racism and all.'


In my living room, Australia:

'We're going to miss you Salma.'

'I'm going to miss everyone too.'

'Be careful though. America seems lovely but... you wear the hijab and... racists you know.'

'I'll be careful.'


In a small village in Sri Lanka:

'MashaAllah, you're such a good girl.'

'Thanks aunty.'

'We thought maybe you would have become all modern.'

'Oh. Modern?'

'Tsk. You know. In those countries - like Australia - people lose their morals, no? '


In many places:

'You're Muslim?'




At a rally protesting the Muslim ban, USA.

'Hey Boss. The crew and I are getting out of here.'

*telephone speech*

'There's no story here. The Muslims are being peaceful.'

*telephone speech*

'Exactly. We're out.'