Islam is on the News Again. 21 Things Muslims Do After a Terrorist Attack.

  1. Wait for the moment it’s revealed that the attacker had an Ahmad in his name or that he attended a mosque five years ago.
  2. Sit in a crowded doctor’s waiting room as the attack plays on the news. Hear the words  ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ and realise how hot it is in the room.

  3. Wonder if it would have been the same if the attacker had a John in his name and had gone to a church once.

  4. Scroll through FB feed. Gauge people’s reactions .

  5. Read articles on how Islam is the disease of the world.

  6. Read articles on how Islam has nothing to do with the attack.

  7. Listen to people talk about how ISIS is taking over the world.

  8. Read articles on how the number one victims of ISIS are Muslims.

  9. Watch a comment war go down on a friend’s wall. Watch as people you know criticise Islam and the Quran.

  10. Butt in and counter their arguments. Spend a whole day fuming at their comments and thinking of better arguments you could have used.

  11. Listen to news of how Muslim women are being attacked in the street.

  12. Wonder if it’s safe to go buy some milk from the grocery store.

  13. Have people stare at you. Wonder if you should start a staring contest or just smile and look away.

  14. Decide on the smile because that might make them reconsider whether Muslims are really the scum of the world.

  15. Listen to your Muslim friend’s experience being threatened at the bus stop.

  16. Decide to wear a black hijab instead of your favourite bright floral one.

  17. Realise you are being stupid but put on the black one anyway.

  18. Walk through the train station and wonder if someone is going to push you off the platform.

  19. Make an effort to smile more. Excessively thank the barista for your coffee.

  20. Let a week pass and watch the news go back to Taylor Swift and her boyfriend.

  21. Realise you had nothing to do with the attack.